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Reading the Book of Changes, attention to the team's personality (an interval of Gua)

Software development and management now has a two different way of thinking. First, the human resources as a different, uniform deployment of the use, in accordance with the rules and regulations to do things; second, to emphasize differences between different people, according to the personality of each person's strengths. Two different characteristics, personality and team management standard is a problem of coordination and balance.

First, personality or norms

At the university, and a chat with students, he lamented: "If all the world's people like me think how wonderful." He did not say the reliability of this idea, at least it reflects the difficulties of communication between people, as well as the management or control point of view of personality is how to give you a headache.

To regulate and standardize

Many companies are keen to assess the level of CMM, it is only a measure of their target, but has now developed into a rigorous process. Many software companies are rated and added to a variety of documents, to develop a pile of seemingly useless but the process of science, lost in the red tape in Fandao to their most critical issue faded.

In order to standardize and regulate a more serious error.

Some human resource development staff will be abstracted to an abstract unit of resources, in the beginning of a project to invest resources to the resource pool at the end of recovery. From the larger perspective of this mode of distribution is nothing wrong, but if you really want to a specific software development process on the very issue.

Personality is not the system?

It is an individuation of the era, before all the virtues of modesty seems to have lost value. Everyone say "I'm unique," "I'm me" speech. To disregard all of the system or the resistance to display their own unique attitude and the meaning of existence.

So, now many Chinese places, including in large cities, the phenomenon of chaos through a red light despite repeated prohibitions; queue always rely on the cold iron bars as a guarantee; crowded buses mob wild guesses. All parts of the system reflects the contempt. Clearly, we can see these phenomena hidden problems.

Although it says that the social phenomenon, but on the same software development team there.

Second, the Book of Changes in management, like, a few

Speaking in front of some problems, but did not express my views. By convention, introduced here a little basic knowledge of the Book of Changes. Some netizens said that more halo seen, in fact it does not matter. Many reasons we all know, here I just thought with the Book of Changes to these principles expounded once again, changed angles only, no new achievements.

Before the introduction of the Book of Changes in the diagrams and the Yao. It means a bunch of symbols, and characters we like to gossip in the image origin of Chinese characters.

Ancient images with symbols of heaven and earth, this symbol is called "like." See gossip in the minds of each diagram will emerge out of its sight. For example from the diagram, on behalf of the fire; for example against the diagram, on behalf of Chak. Think of these two saw the images of a ball of fire, or a lake Ze.

At a time from Qian said about the relationship between Yao and the binary, although can not be explained by the binary gossip, but in the Book of Changes in the number of each diagram has a corresponding. Through analyzing the relationship between the calculus of astronomy and mathematics can be seen in the Book of Changes in the expression.

The final say is "reasonable." This is also in Marxist Philosophy, intellectuals under the leadership of the most acceptable point. Book of Changes and superstition can not draw a line, ah, I, as a thorough materialist and somehow can not believe the images of the projection on. But the Book of Changes is really our baby, anyhow be the legacy of our ancestors, there are many philosophical ah. And materialism, and there is no direct conflict, so the Book of Changes in management are more people to accept.

Management as the number three primary importance both in the Book of Changes, if only part of biased belief, then it is not easy to understand complete. Or replaced by another way, usually when we analyze the matter has three steps: analysis of the phenomenon occurs, the phenomenon of logical inference can be abstracted data for further research, it concludes the use of a universal truth. This process will involve a number of reasons such as these three areas, so that to analyze the use of these three points are very stringent and credible.

Third, the gentleman with the different

Start made the conflict between individuality and norms. Said today in an interval of about I Ching hexagram.

Interval of divination, the images of the upper part of the diagram from the lower half divided against the diagram. From the fire, against the Chak. So is the whole interval of the above diagrams of the images of a group of fires burning, the following is a Lake Ze. Ching said that Japan has a learning method, they will each diagram is a picture of the image with the card to indicate, in order to explain the significance and role of each diagram, this is very intuitive. Does not have the card we can learn from, as long as you appear to mind such a scene on the line.

"Hog," said: stare, but on moving the fire, Ze moving down. Two women living together, their peers to go rather further. Li said that while almost clear, soft and then up, get in but should be almost just, Kyrgyzstan is small. Being to the same interval of the world also. Men and women stare and chi-pass also. All separated and being to class too, with a large carry on the time interval of zai!

The above is a mass of flame burning, the following is a Lake Ze. An upward move, a down infiltration. Like the girls at home, Xiang Jia person is not the same. Are not the same direction, the purpose of doing things differently. Or like a team, our ambition is not the same, though with but a want to learn such things, they want another one to the other direction. This is "soft turn up," manager is not tough, but stronger than their subordinates, "but should be almost just get in", so said to be "minor" if event is not Kyrgyzstan. Mainly because of our efforts is not to the one used.

Next, place the key mentioned. World, men and women, although things are not the same, but we can learn about the differences of these things and will they classified and analyzed. Various forms, but the essence is the same, how can find the same in different, but also in the same play in different interval of the usefulness of diagrams too.

For example, one of our team members at all levels because people have, have a youthful graduates, one year into the company's new force, with access to the backbone of the company two to three years and have several years of veterans or "Oil Stick." Our views are different, if this time is not tough management style, then there will be an interval of the images of the hexagram. Although managers have a strong hand over support project, but because of their own way of doing things is not enough strong, leading the team of people contrary, can not form an effective centripetal force. This time the efficiency of the entire team will be greatly reduced. Strong men who can only technology had some successes in small, on the whole progress of the project will be a failure.

How do encounter this situation?

Ching uttered the point. Each team member's skill level, attitude, character and so not the same, but we must be able to find the same in one place, will help to study all kinds of personnel classification, different people find compelling that "the same", On this basis, go to play their "differences."

Managers are the hope that the same, easy to manage. But the reality is not possible, everyone is like, like fire and Ze could not let the fire burn down, not up to Ze flow. Look through the interval of the images of people who should know diagrams, do not change a person blindly illusion, but to find the centripetal force of the team, while everyone's expertise to play. This is consistent with the law of nature. As for how the centripetal force, it depends on you myself, previously wrote a small article, "On the wine and meat of the team-building" can be read, but hope not too high.

Fourth, to being the country to use military force singularity

Speaking of the norms and personality, have to say these words, "to being the country to odd use of troops" - "the moral" the 57th chapter.

Country can be said to team-building, to be used can be said to project development.

The important purpose of team building is "Anren" Most people like a stable life, a stable environment if many people are willing to stay. So why say "to being the country" Well, imagine if the boss obsessed with thinking about how to exploit their employees to earn more residual value, the "positive" will not be talked about; general to recruit new people, when said, "We how much the stability of the company to speed development ", will certainly attract a lot of people, this is also a" positive "; standard system can be fairly said to be" positive. "

Time when there is the greatest classical sense is different from the modern culture, is the modern culture is a sentence reading, classical is Yiziyizi read. Therefore, the above mentioned the "positive", we may wish to ponder over, not confined to a few words on the modern Chinese.

Maximum value
"Art of War" in the said, "All warfare is deception also." Does not mean that war is the shady machinations, but that fight should be good at change. Also in the "Tao Te Ching," also said the "odd use of troops," Do not be too rigid.

Software development is the same, too rigid, prefabricated each person into the subdivision, and box the more death, less the value of play. If attention is far greater than the person specification and will no longer regarded as human beings, but the machinery, then the talent will be wasted. "Employers such as the device" is a software development outside the box.

Give full play to each person's personality, to achieve maximum value, can be the "odd use of troops."

5, an interval of time with the big now!

Hexagram Kui said the "gentleman with the differences" in the Tao Te Ching speaks of "to being the country to odd use of troops" that are how to coordinate individual and norms. Specification does not standardize a business matter, not individual personality is a personal matter. Here to advise you of my age and a "personality, but not play," personality is his own capital, publicity, then plunged into arrogance.

Whether the enterprise or on our personal, that the interval of the principle diagram is very important. Interval of time with the big now!

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